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Virginia and her team are great to work with--so knowledgeable, organized and professional! They have helped Recovery International increase its visibility through social media, improved website, and Google Ads Grants. Highly recommend.

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Sandra Wilcoxon Executive Director

As Director, Glen Ellyn Food Pantry, I have been working with Virginia for the past 8+ years. Virginia is extremely knowledgeable and current with trending practices ... we are fortunate to have Virginia and her team as a resource for IT development of our Pantry! Of equal importance is Virginia's immediate response and availability when important needs arise.
Thank you, Virginia, for being a great part of our Team at the Food Pantry!

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Susan Papierski Executive Director

We have worked with Virginia for 8+ years to provide learning opportunities to SCORE clients. She has been a great partner for us. She effectively delivered many different Workshop on various topics. Not only is she knowledgeable in many aspects of Social Media and E mail marketing she has the ability to explain those topics in ways that everyone can learn and have fun.

She delivers her topics in an interactive way that enables many to be engaged and feel they are a part of the program. Her style, personality and work ethic make her a great speaker and partner to work with.

John Benton Fox Valley SCORE Mentor


Fostering a sense of Community
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When it comes to non-profits, a sense of belonging, working towards a common good, and fellowship are critical. There usually is a direct correlation of how involved a supporter is with how much they feel like they belong in the non-profits’ community and how much “good” the non-profit actually accomplishes. In other words, the more ownership a supporter takes in a non-profit’s work and the more positive outcomes the non-profit creates, the more likely that supporter is to continue to support the organization in the future and beyond.

Weiskopf Consulting fosters and grows this sense of community via increased engagement, direct communication with fans and followers, and by making the supporters feel like they truly make the organization complete.


Sharing your Mission
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Passion is an often overlooked portion of the growth of a non-profit. 501(c)(3)s need to harness the passion that their supporters feel about the issue that the organization is attempting to address into actionable items that improve the lives of others, as well as increasing the long-term viability of the organization itself.

However, finding supporters who share your non-profits’ ideology and cultivating their passion takes time and patience. Weiskopf Consulting will guide you through the sometimes confusing world of digital marketing and website development to find those passionate supporters, grow your email list, and increase donations from all sources. Cultivating that passion is essential to your organization’s long-term viability.


Defining and Tracking Donations
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Let’s be honest - your organization is only able to make the world a better place through the donations of your supporters. Without them, your non-profit couldn’t exist. Donations allow for maintenance and growth. They are the lifeblood of 501(c)(3) organizations. Shouldn’t your digital ecosystem reflect that? If your social media channels and website aren’t designed concisely or worse have many barriers for the donor to give (needing to click through several webpages to donate, a confusing setup, or social media links that don’t prioritize your organization’s needs), you are losing out on precious resources that could transform and revitalize your non-profit.

With several years of experience in supporting non-profits and their fundraising endeavors, you can trust Weiskopf Consulting to deliver results.

Custom programs to help your non profit be more visible, engage with your base, and promote your brand.  Tell your Story, convey your Passion, and ignite your base along with great technical support from Weiskopf Consulting.

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