Digital Marketing Plans

Having the right online presence is essential to growing your business. You need to be visible and social. Creating a clear strategy and plan will increase your bottom line.  Most small business get business from referrals but in today's world, once you are recommended, they go online to check out who you are.

Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

Email Marketing is Evolving. Social Media is Evolving.  Once you think you have it figured out...CHANGE. Your plan should include all your digital platforms.  Website, Blog, Social Media Platforms and Email Marketing.  They all work together creating an online presence.

Choose Your Platforms

It all starts with your website. Is it ready for visitors? Do you have the right information that is current and a CTA (Call-to-Action) to start a relationship? What Social Media platforms make sense for your business? Facebook? YouTube? LinkedIn? Pinterest? Do you have a blog? Is your business listed in Google My Business? Are all your platforms Branded Correctly? All these things make a difference. Start with your website and Google My Business, then add the platforms one at a time, correctly and you now have an online presence.


Set Your Goals

What are your marketing GOALS? More website traffic; more Facebook followers; more Pinterest followers? These items and others are all meant to bring awareness to your business and engage but now you must convert visitors into customers. Awareness - Engagement – Convert. What are your CTA’s to convert? Be specific and have measurements.

Create your Plan: Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly

Plan your year or at least 6 months. What do you want to accomplish the first 3 months? The next 3 months? Month one creates awareness of your offer. Month two engage visitors. Month 3 use specific CTA’s to convert. Work backwards. Goal: # of new customers (specify type) CTA’s to convert. Month One Theme: this creates awareness of items/service available. Month Two Theme: this shows how this item/service will benefit. Month Three: CTA’s to convert.

WeiskopfConsultingAction Plan Concept. The meeting at the white office table

Execute your Plan

Put your plan to work. Schedule your Posts, Pins, blogs, Emails and Videos to work Collectively. Use a planner or scheduler to make sure all go out on time. Engage with your audience. Check you Analytics. Update your plan as you get data (feedback) from the stratosphere. Use A/B testing to see how your audience responds.

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