Email Marketing

Are you reaching your customers directly?

Create great content and get your emails opened.
Automate your email Marketing efforts and connect to your customers when they are ready.
Use email automation to deliver the right content to the right customer.

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Automate your email Marketing - Create a Sales Funnel

Newsletters are old school!  Email Marketing has evolved into a science. You need to connect with your customers when they are ready. Start with a drip campaign, then add customer triggers. This will involve the customer and get the most interaction. These campaigns need to be timely and relevent to the customer. A customized campaign will get you more "opens" and "click throughs", and drive your business and revenue.

Responsive emails

Make sure your emails are responsive so that wherever your customers are viewing your content, they can easily get the information you are sending and are able to respond to your "Call To Action".

Make sure you follow the newest best practices. Always use the "Subject Line" and "Pre-Header Text" correctly. Make sure your "From" email address is clearly from Your Business or Brand. Remember, the content should be what the customer is looking for. It's all about them.

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