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Who are we? Weiskopf Consulting, LLC, is an independent computer technology and social media consulting company founded in 1998 by Virginia Weiskopf. The company specializes in serving the needs of independent businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs, like you, who rely on technology to run their businesses. Within Weiskopf Consulting, Virginia acts as your Personal Technical Guide. This means she helps you adapt technology to fit your unique business operations without the staff expense of an in-house IT department. We believe that your Technology should be your best emaplyee, not the one that stresses you out.

While computers and modern technology are critical to keeping businesses operating profitably, the technology of social media is an equal element of today’s business success. With Weiskopf Consulting as your affordable IT and social partner, you enjoy the benefits of having computer technology and social media specialists working right alongside you. This is especially inviting for smaller size companies who, until now, had to shoulder the burden alone.

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